CECL CECL Solutions The FASB’s revised standard effectively formalizes the forecasting of expected credit losses on loan assets, and prescribes best practices. Access the industry’s best practices with MIAC Analytics™ MIAC's process delivers our unrivaled perspective ↗ FEATURED PRODUCTS MarketShield MarketShield® Manage your pipeline's market risk with the best trading, pricing and hedging solution More about MarketShield® VERSION 5.0 CORE CORE COnditional REsponses that roll with your data Model, to stress and value the credit and prepayment behavioral response to changes in important macro-economic factors More about MIAC CORE™ DRS DR-Surveillance Advanced data capture & collateral performance measurements More about DR-Surveillance™ VeriFi VeriFi Reviewer process platform, on the go Integrated due diligence and project management tool More about VeriFi™ Vision Vision Macro-factors, comprehensive stress-testing analytics, rolled into one Flexible asset liability management tool More about MIAC Vision™

Who We Are

Since 1989, MIAC® has been the leading provider of pricing, risk management, and accounting solutions for the mortgage and financial services industries. In addition to providing whole loan and MSR brokerage services, MIAC offers secondary market hedge advisory solutions, as well as state-of-the-art behavioral models.

Our Clients

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Software Suite

Customized solutions to meet your needs – from complete pricing and hedge advisory services to software licensing options. Currently licensed by some of the industry’s largest financial institutions.

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