Analytical Solutions for the Financial Industry

MIAC is the leading provider of pricing, risk management, and accounting solutions for the mortgage and financial services industries.

MIAC Analytics Software Suite

Data Auditing &
Due Diligence

Our comprehensive due diligence software system, VeriFi, wil allow you to customize your loan file review process to your exact specifications, and process a variety of verifications, comp;iance testing, and underwriting reviews.

Simply quantifying the risks associated with your loan files.

MIAC Suite of solutions for Data Auditing & Due Diligence

  • VeriFi™
  • C-Trac™
  • DR-Surveillance™
  • DataRaptor®

Market Risk

MIAC can price your originations, execute your hedges, generate your pool files and limit the pipeline’s market risk while optimizing your best execution.

Our team of higly experienced capital markes and risk managements professionals uses MIAC MarketShild technology to provide the precsionion and transparency necessary to redcuce hedging risks and improve our clients’ secondary market execution.

MIAC Suite of solutions for Secondary Market Risk

  • DataRaptor®
  • MarketShield®


MIAC offers risk measurement valutaion and gedge solutions to reduce the impact MSRs may have on your P&L. MIAC’s proprietary variable assumption set tool, VAST, is a platform to generate broad varieties of scenario analysus and stress tests.

From the markets risks, environment shocks and scenario returns the resultant MSR calues may be determined and evaluated relative to a myriad of hedging insturments.

MIAC Suite of solutions for Risk Management & Valuation

  • DataRaptor®
  • WinOAS™
  • VAST™

Asset Liability

MIAC emplots a robust, internally developed suite of Stress Testing tools to provide our lients with loan level loss forecasts based on client and/or market defined macroeconomic projections.

MIAC Suite of solutions for Asset Liability Management

  • DataRaptor®
  • Vision™ (CORE™)

Independent Valuations

No other firm has the breadth of mortgage experience and industry-leading technology to value as many financial instruments as MIAC. Our valuation experts proudly serve over 300 clients worldwide.

MIAC values, hedges, and accounts for over $4 trillion in whole loans and MSRs on a monthly basis, handling over 50% of all residential MSRs in the United States.

Asset Sales & Advisory

Our 29 years of experience and strong reputation has developed a commercial network of buyers and sellers. Trust us to find the best margins on your next complex asset acquisition or sale.

With over $600 million in whole loans sold YTD and more the $20 billion in commercial servicing, MIAC is the trusted partner for asset valuations and brokerage services.

We Work With Clients Across the Full Credit life-cycle

Adding value to our clients through analytics is at the heart of everything we do. We work with:

  • originators
  • aggregators
  • agencies
  • regulators
  • servicers
  • investors
  • capital markets participants
  • peer-to-peer (P2P) 
lending platforms

Test the solution that’s right for you

Customized solutions to meet your needs – from complete pricing and hedge advisory services to software licensing options. Currently licensed by some of the industry’s largest financial institions.

If you want to find out more about any of our products and colutions, one of our experienced team members will be deslighted to run through a demo. We can offer demos over the phone or in person. It’s the best way to find out how we can help you.

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